When born, in 1998, the Vespaclub San Stino Livenza takes its name, with which it is the best known, the "Six-Day" in memory of the glorious participation eponymous race Varese 1951 Piaggio scooter home. The Vespa model who undertook that demonstration was a 125 Sport but will be remembered by all as the "Six-Day". It is clear from the beginning, and the name that goes to take, that the tendency of the club is distinctly sporty.

Rare tenders for regularity, some output on track with the culmination of a six-hour endurance, countless investments and organization of gymkhanas and the beautiful experience of Vespa Racing Team with their championship that will inspire many more years to come. The rewards are many, but it is the desire for new experiences that leads, in the winter of 2006, the decision that the main event for the following year will be a regularity race. Is chosen in the spring and in the summer season and the natural desire of sea orient on the Lido di Jesolo is designated as a point of departure to arrival. Are then the nearby estuaries and path of the Piave that draw then fast route to San Dona di Piave and back. Thus was born Cronopiave at a time, except for the stages of the championship Vespa Raid, in which the regularity races vespistica be counted on the fingers of one hand. There are five issues that are followed with continuous updates, increases mileage, are entered as special tests and chained, checks, steps on dirt.

In 2012 classic regularity race becomes a real raid with stops in surprise, just after each control participant was made aware of the place for the next inspection. It is in this edition in CronoPiave night that covers the higher mileage. The route runs from the mouth of fact with the traditional starting from Jesolo Lido to arrive, after working up a large part of the river and with a timed pass to Fork Staulanza, Sappada with the night behind us and the sun to rise to them in little.

After a year off changing the formula and here is the new challenge. The edition of last year is valid as the first leg of the Championship Commemorations
Historical and the first Championship Triveneto Vespa Raid. In this formula, the mileage is significantly reduced to approximately 60 km and control for each step is completed to the tenth of a second. In this edition, to stimulate the use of means older, is indeed the year of production of the Vespa to act as discriminating in case of a tie. Impressive are the passages chosen along the old path of the Piave, exciting and intense the walkway offer from San Dona di Piave for what, to date, with 120 participants was the most successful edition.

The big news this year is the inclusion of Cronopiave as the first stage of the European Championship Vespa Raid. Two days of competition, more than 200 kilometers, more than a thousand curves, this will be waiting on the banks of the Piave.

Facco Giovanni, Marco Faggiano, Biserni Elvezio, Pasian Denis, Frederick Trevino, Zandonà Gianluca, Gecele Andrea. These are the winners of the previous editions, for the eighth just have to wait on 18 and 19 April..